The Golden Goose of Black Friday

It was a crisp fall morning. The sun was rising swiftly and the frosty parking lot glistened, but not as much as the glistening smiles of the satisfied beer lovers with the new purchases carefully cradled in their arms.  Flowing in and out of Table & Vine, like honey bees entering and exiting the warmth of their nest where the succulent nectar is held, just beckoning for a taste.

That was my morning on Black Friday, the 25th of November 2016.  Yes, I had a fever, and the only cure? More Bouron, Bourbon County that is. As many beer drinkers know, each year an InBev owned company named Goose Island, releases their Bourbon County Brand stout on Black Friday.  It’s smooth, rich and complex flavors perfectly balanced after being aged in bourbon barrels, which masks the 14.5% ABV. This stout is sold (the price increased this year) to the public in limited quantities. And each year, beer drinkers of various backgrounds, set aside their differences and unite in this decadent indulging of the senses.

I just had to chuckle to myself as people, both male and female, walked in and out with satisfied and proud smiles. Some holding their beer as if it were newborn baby. Even inside, significant others working together to combine their bounty and increase their purchase allotments. Yeah, it was a fun and enjoyable morning.  I picked up two bottles for myself, one to age and one to compare with last years bottle.

So, I can’t wait to try this next batch. If you haven’t had the chance, try to find it and give it a shot. I doubt you will be disappointed, even though it’s under Big Beer employ.

'15 & '16 Bourbon County Stout
’15 & ’16 Bourbon County Stout

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