J. Timothy’s Taverne – Plainville, CT.


I am really excited to introduce you to this Hidden Hop!  I don’t know what I love more, sharing these places with our dear readers, or finding them. As usual, I will share my initial introduction to this restaurant, then you’re in for a special treat! I had the privilege of speaking with the promotional/ social media representative of J.Timothy’s,  Nikki, which means  you will be the first to get the inside scoop on their history, as well as their beer scene.

We, The Barley Men, reside in Massachusetts, so we aren’t always familiar with the local eateries in other states. Unfortunately, that means we either have to hunt for them, fall upon them by chance, or have friends recommend places. And we all know our friends our experts on everything… right?

A group of us went to see the premier of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Plainville, CT. It was a bit of a drive, but for a great movie and being with friends, we decided to make the trip.

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