Let there be LUX!

IMG_2485sAs mentioned previously in our article “Theory of a beer man,” we were able to try two versions of a Wheatwine from Adroit Theory Brewing. We Barley Men love our stronger brews from Belgians to Barleywines, and of course Wheatwines are no exception.  Thanks again to Tavour, we were able to get our grubby little mitts on these two Virginian beauties.

First let’s introduce you to Lux Wheatwine. Lux by definition is a unit of light measurement, and when you sample this beer, you may see the light.  Adroit Theory’s website builds up some great anticipation on what to expect in the overall experience.

Brewery description:

Appearance: Golden hue with a slight amber undertone. Slightly tan, sticky head.

Smell: Bready, slight sweetness from the wheat. Caramel notes blend with big piney hop scents.

Taste: Full-bodied malt backbone with wheat based sweetness. Hints of Caramel are cut by a strong bittering hop presence.

Mouthfeel: Generous carbonation is followed by a sticky, tongue coating. Increased breadiness as it warms.

SideBar-Lux-BWhat we also love about Adroit Theory, is they give you pairing suggestions as well as the best temperature to serve the beer in. For food the suggestion is Grilled Tandoori Quail with Lentils & Bengali Chutney; for cheese it’s recommended Jasper Hill Farm Constant Bliss. We tried this with my wife’s Coconut kale & potato soup, with chicken or veggie wraps.

The suggested serving temperature is between 50-54 degrees. Let’s get on with our review shall we?

ABV: 9.3

Nick’s review: I liked the fact that it was NOT boozy in flavor. The nose portrayed a dry alcohol note. I experienced a bready sweet character in flavor, finishing with a dray maltiness. It was warming, and enjoyable.

Chris’ review:

I absolutely loved this beer! There was a beautiful sweet bread note, almost like raisin bread. The taste was malty and rich with a bit of alcohol warmth, but not overpoweringly so. I also had hints of maple syrup and licorice. To me this is the epitome of a Wheatwine.

Now take this satisfying craft of deliciousness and throw it in an Aquavit barrel, amp up the ABV and you get a whole new beast. We introduce to you Lux Wheatwine Aquavit Barrel Aged.

ABV: 12%

Nick’s review: Immediately I noticed a smokey, yet botanical fragrance. The overall aroma was quite intriguing and I was enticed to take a swig. Honestly, it had a completely different flavor from its original counterpart. Sipping it slowly, while “chewing” it, letting it swish on the tongue drew out the sweetness, yet it left a dry finish. Though lighter in body, I experienced a coating of the tongue more noticeable in the back of the palate.  Now, as Mark Osborne, the CEO of Adroit Theory said, “People usually love or hate them. And we’re OK with that.” So let’s see what Chris had to say.

Chris’s review: The nose hits me with a complex fruity, almost floral character, slight reminder of perfume. If you didn’t let me know that this beer’s base was the same as Lux I would have thought it a completely different beer. You can definitely tell it’s Aquavit barrel aged. The malt character has diminished greatly and it’s a lot lighter on the palate, dancing over it well, finishing drier. Without that extra malt character and that extra 3% you can definitely feel the alcohol bite. I enjoyed the experience of the beer greatly!

We are on a mission to try more Adroit Theory’s brews, and we hope you can indulge as well. You might be able to get your Adroit Theory fix from www.tavour.com or directly from Adroits Tap room in Purcellville, VA Thursdays from 4-8pm, Friday and Saturday from 12-8pm, and Sunday from 12-6pm (looks like their Tap list currently shows Lux Wheatwine Bourbon Barrel Aged being poured!). You might even be able to find their beer in local liquor stores and restaurants in Virginia, and even Maryland! And again a HUGE thank you to Tavour for sending us such delicious yeast samples!

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