Meet a Barley Man – Part 1

Good day to you! Or night, whatever the time may be. I am Nick, only 1 half of The Barley Men.

A little about me you ask? Well, I really love beer, I’d consider myself more of a beer nerd than a connoisseur. I have had a plethora of brews, ranging from local home brewers to Micro & Macro, Corporate, European, etc.

I didn’t always “like beer,” but I have been around it my whole life. My late grandfather was weened on beer, in fact he was born in a tavern in Phil., PA. My father delivered beer, and most of my friends drink beer, which introduced me to a variety of styles and tastes.

I love the history of beer and how its made, the whole beer experience. My philosophy is, finding your beer is like finding your soul-mate, you may have a long search, and learn some lessons, but there is a beer that’s just right for you. My tastes have changed over the years, and in future blogs you will see some favorites, and some disappointments. At this point in my life though, I prefer Belgian Strong Ales, Stouts and Black IPA’s.

So please enjoy the blog! We hope to enlighten, give humor, and enhance your beer drinking experience. Take a look at Chris’ Bio to get the whole background of The Barley Men.

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