Pumple Drumkin, Cisco Brewing, MA


Massachusetts, home of the Boston Baked beans, Taxes, and good old cod Fish ‘n Chips; also the home of some of the best micro-brews in New England. With all the Mass brewing (pun intended) sometimes it’s hard to be distinct.
Massachusetts is also the home of Boston Beer works, a.k.a Samuel Adams. You can imagine the competition out there. Needless to say I was please to be introduced to Cisco Brewing, and especially their Pumpkin beer.
Lately it seems everyone has been trying their own rendition of Pumpkin beers, from stouts to ales. There are definitely some great ones out there, and if you are looking to broaden your scopes check out ratemypumpkins.com for some honest reviews and an idea of what is out there.
A few years ago, I was looking to broaden my beer horizons by checking out the variety at Johnny Mac Liquors in Springfield.  After about a good hour of making my drawn out selection, I spoke with one of the reps named Jeremy. He highly recommended trying Pumple Drumkin.
I was excited, because at the time I was already digging Shipyard Pumpkin Head and Smashed Pumpkin, so I was hoping this would be a decent rival. I was not disappointed!

So without further ado, here’s my review.

Name: Tough to remember, but stands out.

Label: Cute… yes I said it ‘cute.” Look at the little delicious pumpkin guy.

Style: Pumpkin/yam beer

Abv: 6% This means I can have 2.

Description: It has a nice frothy head for such a light looking body, with a decadent orange- amber hue. Though it looks light, it has a thicker body, or mouth feel. It’s not as intense in spice as a Shipyard Pumpkin Head, but is also not overwhelmingly loaded on pumpkin flavor. It’s a perfect hybrid of both beer and pumpkin ale.
Everything is well balanced, with a delicious sweetness that does not overload your taste buds. You also want to savor, not guzzle this beauty.
If you have the chance, please try it. If you are from MA. be proud of your beer heritage, and if not, well come on up here and anjoy.

Overall: Tastes Very Good.

Thanks Cisco Brewing, Great job on this one!
– Nick  @thebarleymen

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