A very important key to sampling beer, whether just beginning or a long time connoisseur, is rating your beers. The key is not to be overly complex but not too simple. Find the perfect balance, like a well brewed beer.

At the Barley Men headquarters we like a simple 1-5 rating for most general summary reviewing. We also always encourage notes as to what you liked, or didn’t. This helps you to really understand the style and type that you like..or didnt.

Here’s how we rate:

0 – So old we don’t remember (let’s try it again)
1 – It’s really bad, but if someone offers it to me, and there’s nothing else, I’ll drink it
1.5 – Still wouldn’t Have it, but if its cold and free maybe
2 – Will not buy it or have it, unless offered
2.5 – Had our hopes up, but just below average
3 – Would get it again, especially if we needed something quick, or to bring to a party
3.5 – there’s something missing, not quite 4 but is definitely above average
4 – Above average…Better than Samuel Adams, aww poor Sam’s
4.5 – Really great, but just shy of perfection
5 – Really stands out, matches its description and goes above and beyond and worthy of mention to the world

In some cases, however, a beer can taste absolutely fantastic but it just does not taste like it’s supposed to. A keen example would be Black Perle by RJ Rockers. This is supposedly a Black IPA, but when you try this delicious beverage, you will discover it completely lacks the taste, style and effective hops to be classified as a Black IPA.

Were we to rate it based solely off of its style. Description it would get a .5 or a 1. But in overall quality and taste it’s a 5. So because of this, it really cannot be a true 5, no matter how awesome of a beverage.

Remember, rate to know what you like. What you like is exactly that, what YOU like. That’s the beauty of beer, it changes your palate and comes in such a vast variety. And as you continue to sample, your palate continues to change. So, let your ratings be exactly that, YOUR ratings. Know what you like, and enjoy.

But still show respect to the brewer, because even though we might not like the style, we can still pick out the qualities that make it brewed well.

We hope this helps in your current and future beer exploits.

~ Nick @thebarleymen

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