Touring the Crafts of Kauai

Bikini Blonde Lage- Maui Brewing Co. while on Polihale Beach, Kauai, HI

Recently I had the privilege of visiting the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, and it was one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life. You are probably thinking, of course! It’s a tropical island, with jungles, ocean and sunset, delicious food, fishing, etc.  While that’s all fun and exciting, the real reason you should go is for the beer!

Just kidding! Really, if you have the opportunity definitely check it out. The Island of Kauai is the least touched by tourism. The locals take pride in keeping it as natural as they can. It’s beach, Polihale, is one of the longest white sand beaches in the world! There is a beach made completely of glass tumbled by the sea. The island holds canyons, a  rain forest and is where Jurassic Park was filmed. Unfortunately, I did not see any dinosaurs. 

Kauai is located far left, and northwest Picture of Honolulu. The sights are breathtaking, the food is amazing and belt loosening, and it’s truly a relaxed life out there.

Whether you’re building Beer Sand Castles on the beach, Kayaking or just sight seeing there are a plethora of great beers to be found too. I tried 36 new brews out there.

If you are planning a trip, and like craft beer, I hope this article will be helpful in your endeavor to sample the craft delicacies of the world.

PictureFirst things first. When arriving, you are going to want to take a day to relax at the beach with a beer. Jet lag is killer, so might as well treat yourself to an enjoyable lethargy. After settling in, find your local Big Save or Ishihara Market, not only will you find nice local food such as Poke, but you will find local beer, liquor and other wines.  Big Save has beers from Maui Brewing, Primo, Kona as well as a smaller selection of California beers and a few main stream ones.

is like the PBR of the islands, wait what’s the label say? Oh it IS a PBR. Yep, Pabst Brewing company makes this.  But it’s like one of those things you have to do. It’s been around forever and your Hawaiian grand dad drank it, so just experience it.


Maui Brewing is pretty great for an island beer. I only tried two of their beers while out there, Bikini Blonde Lager and Big Swell IPA. While the Bikini Blonde is great ice cold on the beach, the Big Swell is great anytime. It’s crisp, smooth almost creamy and while deliciously bitter, it doesn’t dry your mouth out.


Kona is a dime a dozen, and that can be purchased all over the USA, but still local is always good. I’ll tell you, it’s GREAT on tap, especially during happy our at Kalapaki Joe’s. You cant beat cheap drafts, and palm trees. This is als  o sold at Ishihara Market.

Ishihara Market, however, is really a great place for craft beer, on the island anyway. Their selection is by no means a massive one, but on the other hand they have everything from Lucky Buddha, Chimay, to Big Island Brewhaus. Big Island Brewhaus has award winning beer, and has a great porter called White Mountain Porter, brewed with toasted coconut and coffee.

Finally, If you would like to try some cold beer in on the hot Pacific island, best head out to Keoki’s Paradise. This Picture open walled chain restaurant takes pride in their 29 degree Fahrenheit beers, served fresh on tap. They have a craft beer special and pretty decent selection on local and imported beers. 

So, are you loaded up for your trip yet? Once you get settled and your travel itinerary underway, include these next  three locations on your list: Nani Moon Mead, Kauai Island Beer, and Kauai Beer company. 

You really don’t want to miss out on these spots.  And I hope I’ve whet your appetite because I will be writing an article on each soon. But for now click their websites for information on the breweries. In all honesty, don’t just go for the brews. If you are going to spend that much on travel, enjoy the scenery and relax. If you get the chance though, and if you’re one of our readers, you’ll have to pick up a local brew and enjoy a little Aloha in every sip. 

~ Nick @thebarleymen

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