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I still remember the first time I went skiing as a kid. The night before I couldn’t even sleep because I was so excited. I stayed up most of the night thinking about how awesome it was going to be. That excitement returned when I was told my shipment of beer soaps were on their way. Was I too excited to take a shower? Tech-no!In the world of beer there’s some who still think that beer is a man’s drink. We of course at TBM don’t think that! But the same could be said in the reverse about smelling good and being clean for guys. Some think that only women enjoy a good, natural and satisfying soap. But that’s not the case. A couple of years ago I got into safety razors and skin care for my face, which always seems to break out if I don’t properly care for it before shaving. By the way, like beer, that’s also a slippery slope – buying and collecting shaving items, trying new soaps, brushes, razors, blades, on and on.So because of this, smelling good and being clean is the in thingwe decided that it was a great idea to review soap from Clean Treats Bath & Body, based out of London, Ontario, Canada. And especially so because not only are they made with natural ingredients, and we’re positive it  also includes love; most importantly, to us, she uses BEER in her soaps! Seriously, BEER! Mellanie, the owner and creator, is such a cool gal that she reached out to us to review her natural, hand made soaps.

Why are her soaps so good? Well here’s what her site states ~

We choose all of our ingredients carefully. We aim to create products that are beautiful, natural and nourishing to our customers.

And her Twitter account, @cleantreatsbath, adds

Quality ingredients, small batches; that’s what we are about.


Special Delivery!
Now onto the soaps! From left to right we have the Pale Ale & Honey, , Spiced Rooibos, Salted Coconut Custard, and Handsome Ale.

I feel cleaner just looking at them!

Pale Ale & Honey

If you are a home brewer and love the smell of malted barley this is the soap for you. Some very nice sweetness to it without being over-powering. Lathers up nicely and rinses cleanly. We love the fact that it’s made with real beer. And it smells manly!Side note, I used this instead of shampoo and it rinsed cleanly and my hair wasn’t dried out like most soaps.Nick found that the bar only lasts about a week and a half, so if this is your choice, get a few.

Handsome Ale

This ale is certainly handsome to look at, ain’t it? The top of this soap has a luxurious, creamy look and the soap when in use does the same. It’s smell in consistent with the Pale ale, albeit a little more subdued. This one did last a little longer for Nick than the Pale ale soap. Could have just been because it was slightly thicker.Side note, Nick used it to shave and it worked great for him! He claimed it was the closest shave he has ever got.

Salted Coconut Custard

Both of our wives were very excited to have a little something extra in the box for them! They thought that this soap was “very nice”, “creamy”, “left skin feeling clean and smooth”. Even Nick and I tried this one! How could you resist something called Salted Coconut Custard!?Side note, my wife mentioned that most soaps irritate her skin and this one did not. Go figure though, her favorite soap was MY man soap.

Spiced Rooibos

Ever look at something and wish you could eat it? That’s how I felt looking at this soap for the first time. Fortunately my wife stopped me and pointed me to the shower instead. OK! … I’ll eat it in the shower! This soap also lathered up nicely, mild spice of ginger, cinnamon and cardamon and a bit sweet. Rinsed cleanly and left our skin feeling refreshed and warmed.

Special Delivery!
Other notes, Nick has sensitive skin, so some products can react badly – but these did not. And, I’ve never been more clean in my life! How many times to shower is TOO many times?All of these soaps were wonderful to use, smelled delicious and we REALLY appreciate Mellanie  giving us the opportunity to try these out! And even the extra soap for our wives. If you can pick a couple different scents up (which has expanded since we last checked the website out), you’ll be extremely happy you did! From Mellanie’s Etsy store you can see her current stock of available items.Mellanie currently has soaps Scented with Essential Oils (Earl Grey & Juniper, Spiced Rooibos, Rub-A-Dub Ducky, Soft Mint Goat’meal, Lavender, Green Tea & Honey, Tuscan Sun) and soaps Scented with Fragrance Oils (Chocolate Stout, Apple Strudel, Double Butter Pumpkin, Boho Gold, Salted Coconut Custard, Spiced Mocha, Wild Rose, Darling Clementine, Handsome Ale). Doesn’t that list just make your nose go crazy? She also carries other neat bath products like Whipped Body Frosting, Coffee Body Polish, and Butter Bombs!

If you do end up ordering some soaps, or any of her other wonderful products, let her know you saw it on TBM!

Stay clean and drink (and bathe with) beer! Let us know what you think in the comments or on twitter.

-TBM.Chris @thebarleymen

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