Beer Blending

Once a year, I like to have a few friends over and have a beer sampling day. Usually I invite some newcomers, as well as seasoned beer drinkers. Yes I even invite “Bud Light”  drinkers, in hopes of conversion. The basic idea, try new beers and pair them with food.  At the end, there is a blind vote, and the people who brought the top three beers each get a fancy glass to take home.

As these parties evolve, the creativity (or insanity) wheels start turning and a plethora of ideas roll out.  Ideas like Oktoberfest day, or Dark beers, or interesting food pairings, just pour out.  One of the ideas that came to the fore was blending beers.  I mean, most are familiar with the Black & Tan, or  the Half & Half, as its called in Ireland.  I have also had the Black & Blue (Eclipse) which is just Guinness and Blue moon. But that got me thinking. We have these delicious concoctions with various origins, why not have a day in which we mix different beers.

At this point in my life, I have sampled well over 1000 beers and I know what I like.  So now it’s time to have some fun!

I went to a restaurant the other night, J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, CT and after looking at the wings portion of the menu I looked intently at the beer menu. There are some great local brews, but I noticed a section called Draft Beer Blends. In a future post I will be doing a review, but check their website on the above links for details.

Now looking at this menu I saw things like Guinness & Magic Hat #9 , and Guinness & Ten Penny. Is this really a thing now? If so how long has it been? It’s even difficult to find the origin of blending beer on the internet.  I think though, for this one time, WHO CARES about the origin.  If you want to blend some beers have fun!  Plus this might help people who …ahem … “Don’t like beer”…. find a flavor or blended style they like. So below, here are a couple ideas that I would like to share and if you like ’em ENJOY.

Please comment and/or leave your own recipes to try.

The Twix:
Lefty’s Graham Cracker Porter
Saranac Caramel Porter
and Chocolate Stout of your choice

Chocolate Stout
Vanilla porter
Graham Cracker Porter

The Neapolitan:
Strawberry Blonde/Ale
Vanilla Stout
Chocolate Stout

Maple Porter
Vanilla Stout

Chocolate Covered Strawberry:
Chocolate stout
Strawberry Ale

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