Dogfish Head, Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout

dogfish head wolrd wild stout

I almost have no words for how immensely satisfying this beer is. Nope, wait… here the words come…

Do you believe in “love at first sight?” How about love at first sip?  If not, then this is the stout to sample. But brace yourself, because that first sip will envelop your senses, take your breath away and satisfy your heart’s desire.

At first pour, the nose will scare you. Strong boozy oak just kicks your nose with full force, but don’t hold back- indulge your senses. As you continue to breath it in, sweet, creamy vanilla aromatics tingle your nose. On that first sip, just close your eyes and take it in, let the flavors wash over your taste buds. Contrary to that initial whiff, it is far from abrasive; it’s loving, warming and not overly heavy. At first, the flavors seem to overwhelm you, but hey it’s love, it’s exciting and new. But as you sip, you just want to savor every drop. I got caramel notes, milk chocolate and hints of marshmallow and maybe a little candy corn in there?

While sweet, it’s a mellow sweetness, and not overpowering. That warmth you feel? That’s from the 17% ABV that will put a smile on your face and sigh with satisfaction as you sink comfortably into your chair. At $9.99 a 12oz, this is a guilty pleasure to treat yourself or share with someone special. It’s also great to cellar for another year or more.

Yes, this is truly love at first sip.



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