Hops In a Bunch

This section will be pet peeves about non-beer drinkers and beer drinkers alike.
I guess what really get’s my “hops in a bunch” is when someone says “I don’t like beer” or “All beer tastes the same.” Excuse me? OK, you really don’t have to be a beer connoisseur to know that just because something is labeled “beer” it doesn’t all taste the same.

If that observation were to be applied to a human, one might be considered racist, or bigoted.  Oh and you might be saying, “Come on, it’s just beer. Why get so worked up?” It’s just the principal and … IT’S INCORRECT! Let’s break this down shall we?

Hopefully this will give insight into the world of beer and enhance your appreciation. Huzzah! Free education!

1. “I don’t like beer.” False!  You do like beer, you just don’t have any urge to discover “your” beer. Or you have had a bad experience with beer.  Saying you don’t like beer is like saying you don’t like food.  Silly? Not necessarily.

Think about it, ‘beer’ is a general term, like ‘food.’  So saying you don’t like beer is like saying you don’t like food. Beer encompasses a broad spectrum of fermented beverages from the Mexican Pulque to a Belgian sour.
Granted, not all tastes bud’s (this ones for you!) are the same, and not every beer is for every person, however, if you just going to decide you don’t like beer in general, try narrowing down your generalization. For instance, “I don’t like fruity beers,” or maybe ” I don’t like Budweiser,” and possibly ” Corona smells like the pits of a sweaty field worker.”

See, now you are understanding why you don’t like something, and other people can either agree, discuss, or disagree and move on. And hopefully not serve you any of the above.

Moving on …

2. “All beer tastes the same.” False!  That’s like saying all food tastes the same. Does a cheeseburger taste like a bacon chicken ranch pizza? Does shrimp taste like a juicy steak? I’d like to think not.  It’s exactly the same as beer. Let’s consider for a moment a crisp and sweet Framboise Raspberry Lambic. Do you like juice? Maybe soda? Then you’d love this. It has the consistency of a crisp carbonated beverage. Light and fruity. It might be mistaken as a wine cooler, or a non-alcoholic beverage … well until your third bottle.

Would you say it was a beer? Of course not. But is it? YES!  And if one beer can be this delcious, there must be more to suit your palate.

So in a nutshell, beer as a whole does not taste the same. Styles can taste similar, and finding a beer that suits you might take effort. It’s really hard to find a “bad beer” just one that you don’t jive with. But if you really “don’t like beer,” find a friend who does and let them open a whole new world of opportunities to you.

~ Nick @thebarleymen

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