Black Isle Export Scotch Ale


Have you ever had something that was just so delectable and satisfying that when you were finished, or maybe right after the first taste, a smile just stayed on your face and you experienced that “Ahh” of satisfaction?

It’s that feeling you get where it just hits that special spot, where all your senses are just in a bliss state, but not over the top.  Its just right. If you have, or even if you haven’t, you must try this beer and this is what you will experience, at lease in my opinion.

I for one hate hype, like going to a movie you really want to see, expectations high, then you leave the theaters only regretting spending your hard earned money on an “OK” film that made you want to pop a child’s balloon for having a better time than you. That being said, I’m not going to build this up just so your expectations will be shot out the window. A bit of a warning, disclaimer if you will, if you do NOT like winter warmers or scotch style ales, you might not like it.

My brother and I get together every once in a while and just sample different beers, domestic and foreign, craft  and others. He being the single man that he is, can spend a little more on quality beverages than your average family man (me) might be able to.  So when he gets the beer I usually try things I would never try on my own.  So he comes over and we have a pretty decent quantity of various beers.

We come to this Black Isle Organic Export Scotch Ale.  I for one love winter warmers and Wee Heavys, especially during a cold and somewhat temperamental New England winter. We popped the top, and poured the dark liquid into a snifter. When held up to the light, in the dark molasses-like body shows a glimmer of a deep ruby hue.

After letting it sit for a moment, I smelled the beer, with both an open and closed mouth to get the full emanation of its bouquet. Immediately I picked up on a distinct smokey and chocolatey nose. Now here comes the fun part, the tasting. Many people taste their beer differently, most ways are fine, just don’t guzzle it and savor each sip. That’s what I did, and boy howdy, what a great experience. I will be honest, it did not tasted like a normal Scotch ale, it had a porter-like taste with a balanced bitterness. It was graciously smooth  and absolutely delicious.

The bottle is fairly inexpensive, and it comes in a 500ml bottle. My brother found this one at Table and Vine (Owned by BIG Y) in West Springfield Ma. However, you can find this at craft beer stores, or if you can’t, the store may order it for you. This is definitely worth your time. It was a pleasurable experience for my brother and I, and I truly feel that this should be where the bar is set when it comes to great beer!

Nick @thebarleymen

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