Meet a Barley Man – Part 2

So a little about me. I’m Chris, the second half of the Barley Men and I love Beer! And that’s definitely not a picture of me. But it is of my home brew, which I feel is just as good.
I didn’t grow up with beer and I only ever thought that the stuff was pee yellow and tasted like olives (which I also didn’t like). Because of that it was well into my 20’s that I started drinking the stuff, unless of course it was free.
I decided to make my own bread and found a fantastically tasty addition from my culinary icon Alton Brown, Lager, to be specific Sam’s Boston Lager. What is this golden liquid being poured that smelled of the essence of bread? And of course I only needed a cup out of that bomber. And boy was that a delicious Julia Childs moment, wait, just referencing her alcohol problem, that’s IT. This certainly peaked my interest in knowing all beer wasn’t yellow, fizzy and tasted like liquid Chex.
My first beer epiphany was at Sunset Grill and Tap in Allston, MA. And let me tell you, when they brought out the beer menu, I thought it was the food menu. Pages upon pages of beer variety. I had no idea. I really didn’t. I had to have my brother order for me, for I, I was overwhelmed. I sampled everyone else’s that night with an open and blown mind. It pretty much changed my world.
That sparked a snow ball affect of making my own home brew, diving into what beer was, where it all came from and the science behind the flavors. That also made it reasonable, to me at least, to have to know what every style of beer tasted like from any and all breweries, good and bad, in order to make something that I enjoyed and was proud of.
My favorite styles are Wee Heavy’s, Stouts, IPA’s (including English Bitters), Red’s, Browns.

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