Pumpkin Beer News

They’re coming and we can’t stop’em. But would we really even want to? I mean September is at our doorstep.

First off for you home brewers Northern Brewer has a Smashing Pumpkin Extract with Specialty Grains kit ready for your enjoyment.

Here’s a list of seasonal pumpkin beers to try out (not conclusive nor endorsements), among other pumpkin related beer events.

The seasonal spice beer from New Belgium called Pumpkick is ready for consumption. Plus these really great sounding Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes recipe on their blog!

If your in Pennsylvania you can get your pumpkin fix with Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant events. You can also get their Pumpkin beer starting September 9th in cans.

You can pick up the seasonal pumpkin from the New Jersey based River Horse called Hipp-o-Lantern. Which based on the description alone makes me want to sample. Check out their events too!

If your near the area of Stamford, CT, Half Full Brewery is releasing cans of their Pumpkin Ale on Friday 9/14 at 4pm at the Brewery. Check out their events as well. We hope to travel down there for a brewery visit real soon!

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