One Barley Man’s Top 10 IPA’s

Recently I asked the a few people what their favorite IPA’s are, and the responses were never the same. So today I just wanted to share with you a few that I have appreciated, both locally and abroad.
I do love a good India Pale Ale just as much as the next person. But I don’t agree with those Hop Heads out there who feel that it’s not a real beer unless its a hop loaded kick in the face. While the “to each it’s own” category does apply, it stands to reason there are a plethora of good beers that don’t need the extra oomph just to make it a quality beer. That being said, here are a list of my (Nick’s) favorite IPA’s. Enjoy!


Whipe Out IPA with Lambic cubeWhipeout IPA
Port Brewing Company
ABV 7.5%
Style: American IPA
This has been described as “a massively hopped India Pale Ale with enough substance and body to overcome even the worst and most tragic of on the water spills.” I found this to be just plain tasty. The way an IPA should be. Crisp, cool, with hoppy floral scent. There was a pleasant bitterness that finished the experience.




Worm Town Dont worry be HoppyBe Hoppy
Wormtown Brewery
ABV 6.5%
Style: American IPA
With it’s strong citrus nose, one might expect a hard hit on the palate. It has a pleasant crispness, but great for any season, and a well rounded overall bouquet and flavor. The citrus nose is touched with a floral aroma. The bitterness hits the back of the tongue with a bit of a floral finish. This is a go to for me especially at Theodore’s in Springfield, MA.




encore magic hat
Magic Hat Brewing Company
ABV 6.4%
American IPA
It’s aromatic and unfiltered. It is a wonderful balance of wheat and hops.






sixpoint resinResin
Sixpoint Brewing
ABV 9.1 %
IPA – Imperial / Double

What really impresses me about this can of delicious is that it’s totally not boozy for being a 9 percent hop bomb. It;s quite piney and lives up to its “sticky” name.





Ghandi Bot 3 CansGandhi-Bot (Now G-bot)
New England Brewing Co.
ABV 8.8
Imperial IPA
With its first sip there’s a bitter rush, with a smooth finish. There’s a slight sweetness and more of a bitter feel than taste. The ABV is hidden among the pleasantries of the flavors, but is definitely a sipper. It has light golden color with quickly fleeting head.






founders devil dancerDevil Dancer
Founders Brewing Co.
ABV 12%
Triple IPA
Have you ever danced with the devil with an IPA? Well this would be the one to do it with. Malty, hoppy and an all around good time with this beer. And per its description it’s “Massive in complexity….and dry-hopped for twenty-six days straight with a combination of 10 hop varieties. ”



South Bay IPA
Red Car Brewery
ABV 9.04
IPA – Imperial / Double
It looks almost like a thick apple cider but it’s unfiltered yet deliciously crisp


charter oak wadsworth IPAWadsworth IPA
Charter Oak Brewing Company
ABV: 6%
Aromatic, crisp. Good bitterness and very well rounded. The description is on par as well “will pleasure your pallet with more than your typical ‘every day India Pale Ale’ and you’ll be sure to taste our grapefruit citrus overtone backed with notes of black currant.”




Black Perle
RJ Rockers Brewing Company
ABV: 9%
While not a true IPA, this is exceptionally well crafted. In fact, it is VERY good. The ABV cannot be tasted. I do not agree that this is a Black IPA, because it tastes nothing of the sort, it is dark, robust, deliciously meaty with little to no hopped flavor. There is a bitter finish, with a coffee flavor and chocolate finish. While the nose portrays a malty chocolate bouquet.


Zero Gravity Brewery
ABV 6.6%
I found this to have a very perfumey nose, a complex body and pleasantly bitter. The professional description “Black IPA brewed with Pilsner malt and a premium blend of dark malts.” It is truly a decadent experience.


Well there you have it, my top ten IPA’s. I hope you are able to get your mitts on some of these. Please check out my other article entitled: Thank you India. And as always, continue to broaden your hoppy horizons and support your local crafts.

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